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The First Winter

We are the United ReSisters and this is a collection of our trailblazing stories, reflections, conversations, letters, lists, and poems about our experiences as refugees and journeys to the United States.

How do you get a copy? 


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The First Winter Cover

On April 28th, The United ReSisters premiered their book The First Winter to an overflowing audience the 2019 UntitledTown Book and Author Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Enjoy watching the excitement and sisterhood captured in this beautiful video by JAX of All Ideas. 

About the Publishers

About Two Shrews Press:


Two Shrews exists to help girls and women be heard. With this, our inaugural book, we begin a tradition of producing quality, strong, friendly, funny, and helpful work: voices from underrepresented populations (girls, refugees, LGBT, the list goes on), guides for succeeding in male domains, feminist memoirs, and feminist fiction.


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