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Social Change Through Art

Rent the Painting: Support Our Group

The girls chose the name “united reSISTERS” as they would like this group to portray the ultimate sisterhood: bonding together to resist hate, prejudice, and misunderstanding while doing so through education, resilience, and love. 

They are using art as a medium to focus on rights. Their pieces of artwork are  intended to shine a light on international affairs, highlight the strives of immigrants and refugees and communicate a sense of Somali identity and presence to the larger Green Bay community.


Rent this beautiful, one-of-a-kind art piece to display in your local Green Bay business today! Rental fees are negotiable and all proceeds are used to support the continued efforts of the group. 

The piece measures at 48x48 and will easily hang on any wall.

When you rent the piece members of the United ReSISTERS would be honored to come to your venue and discuss how and why they produced this stunning canvas and what it symbolizes to them. It is a wonderful opportunity to start a conversation about diversity and inclusion and meet the incredible artists behind the piece.


A Resettlement Journey

This beautiful 48x48 mural was painted by a group of young Somali women who traveled great distances to join the Green Bay community. This piece pays tribute to their Somali identity while telling the story of their travels through various countries to arrive here in the U.S.

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