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Ever wonder what NOT to ask a hijabi wearing woman?

You've come to the right place. Our book is full of stories and examples of what NOT to ask and why.

We've got you covered! These young women have been working hard putting pen to paper for this book and we are excited to have you read it.

While you anxiously await the book we will unveil one question you should never ask a hijabi wearing women according to the United ReSISTERs:

How long is your hair?

No matter how curious, this isn't a question you should be asking. One girl's response,

"I don’t like being asked that question. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I also feel like I have to answer that question even though I don’t want to. You shouldn’t ask that because there is a reason why I put this on. So people don’t see my hair."

Keep this in mind next time you feel like asking and stay tuned for more questions you should never ask a hijabi wearing woman!

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