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Green Bay Somali Prom: Bollywood Nights

Do you have a favorite memory from your prom? Perhaps you didn't even attend because you considered yourself "too cool" back then. Either way, the thought of prom likely conquers up that quintessential American high school experience for almost anyone who hears its name. That is why in April 2018 the group hosted the first ever Green Bay Somali Prom with the help of Northeastern Wisconsin Dance Organization (NEWDO) and funds from Green Bay Young Professionals Support of Urban Projects (SOUP) grant.

Did you know that in Islam it is considered Haram (prohibited) for women to dance in front of men that are not their brothers or spouses? As a solution, the United ReSISTERs surprised the group with a female only dance held at a popular dance studio in downtown Green Bay. The evening was filled with a snack table, selfie station and a stereo system that allowed the attendees to play a mix of their own music choices. It was an absolute success and we cannot thank all those involved enough. Too many individuals to name donated their old dresses to the group while others volunteered their time setting up the space or put their talents toward the make-up! It was a real community effort and the result was an exhausting evening of dancing our hearts out and taking loads of photos. Classic! Isn't that what prom is all about anyway?

Enjoy some snapshots from our time at the Bollywood Nights Prom 2018! Simply one of many fun events our group has either organized or taken part of over the past year and a half.


Also quick shout out to Festival Foods for their $25.00 gift card in support of this event! The girls were obsessed with the flaming hot cheetos, twizzlers, lays chips and other munchies purchased with the funding. THANK YOU!

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