Meet the Authors!

The United ReSisters are a group of 12 authors that came together in 2017. The group began writing The First Winter after receiving a Women's Fund Grant in 2018. The writing of this book took place between spring 2018-early 2019, with the book making its debut in June 2019. 

  • Bisharo Abdullahi


    Bisharo was a senior at East High School when the book was written. She graduated in 2018 and attends NWTC. She also works full time in Green Bay. 

  • Nimco Sh. Abdullahi Hassan


    During the writing of this book, Nima and her family moved to Minneapolis, MN. She has since graduated from college where she studied Social Work. 

  • Najma Hussein


    Najma is one of the youngest of our group. She was a sophomore at Southwest High School when she wrote and published this book. She has since graduated and attends NWTC studying lab sciences.

  • Maryam Husseyn


    Maryam and her sister Hafsa currently reside in Minnesota. Maryam graduated from East High School in Green Bay, WI in 2017. She is now enrolled in a Nursing program and works fulltime at an assisted living facility. 

  • Hafsa Husseyn


    Hafsa wrote her pieces as she cared for her young nephew in Milwaukee. She is the eldest of our group and graduated from East High School in 2017. Now she lives in Minnesota with her sister, Maryam, and their family. 

  • Nada Kasim


    Nada's henna was featured in the book and it included pieces she drew while attending classes at East High School in Green Bay, WI. Nada is now a junior at UW-Green Bay where she studies Chemistry and Biology.

  • Nadifo Kasim


    Nadifo was a senior at East High School when the book was written. After it was published, she was featured in a local mural here in Green Bay, WI on the side of the Art Garage building off Main Street. She is now a junior at UW-Green Bay and works as a research lab assistant in the science department. 

  • Najma Kasim


    Najma graduated from East High School in 2018 and is now a junior at UW-Green Bay. She is considering a future as a lawyer and is studying Democracy and Justice Studies. 

  • Nasteho Kasim


    Nasteho was only a sophomore when she wrote this book. Since publishing, she has graduated high school and is in her first year at UW-Green Bay. She entered college with a full semester of college credit thanks to her hard work and dedication at East High School.

  • Nimo Kasim


    Nimo was a senior in high school when she wrote this book. Since then she has become one of the first to be selected for a new Leadership program at UW-Green Bay and was recently admitted into the first cohort of nursing students! 

  • Yasmin Nur


    Yasmin graduated East High School in 2018 and started at UW-Green Bay that fall. She started working in Student Life and became active in the Somali Student Union. In 2020 she transferred to the University of Wisconsin where she is studying to become a doctor.

  • Zamzam Nur


    Zamzam graduated from East High School in 2019 and moved to Madison, WI to study at the University of Wisconsin. She is preparing to become an OB/GYN. In 2020, her family moved from Green Bay, WI to be closer to her in Madison, WI.

Founders of the United ReSisters

Diana Delbecchi founded the group in spring 2017 and was later joined by Katie Stockman and Courtney Maye. The group partnered with an area arts collaborative early on which served as a meeting place for weekly gatherings. Since writing the book, the group continues to meet in various spots out in the community.

United ReSisters of Green Bay, Wisconsin